Who we are

Viña Valle Secreto is a project created in 2007 by two groups of investors linked to the food industry: the family of Antonio Puntí Ferrer and that of Claudio Berndt Cramer. A few years later, a US doctor, Richard Samale joined the company and their wish for a dream came true: “to bring to life a wine of unique characteristics in a place privileged by its climate and the bounties of nature”.

Viña Valle Secreto is just that, and a boutique vineyard as well. Located in the Upper Reaches of the Cachapoal Wine Valley, it is one of the wine-growing areas in Chile that has burst onto the international market with force, thanks to the excellent quality and character of its wines.

It is found in the Sixth Region of Chile, 132 Kms. to the south of the capital, Santiago.

In order to ensure that Viña Valle Secreto became a Boutique Vineyard, some hard work was invested in 3 strategic business units: field, cellar and sales.


Field and Cellar

A “Field Engineer” is in charge of the welfare of the vines by means of a thorough application of each one of the tasks that has to be carried out on the vines in order to obtain a top quality grape. To ensure this, such processes as manually harvesting in 12 kilo trays and controlling kilos per plant (thus obtaining no more than 3 kilos per vine) are a prominent feature of our painstaking efforts, among others.


The second strategic unit is the Cellar which is a reflection of the hard work put in by and achieved after an efficient job of selecting the best quality grapes brought in from our fields. Prominent are its semi-circular stainless steel vats capable of holding 3,500 to 7,500 liters of wine, and where the winemaker handles the high quality fruit under the strictest and most efficient standards of production in order to obtain the wine lines we offer the market today. 


There is also an area for storing the more than 600 French Oak barrels in which our wines are aged.



Is our iconic wine coming from our vineyards located in the foothills of the Andes, in the Alto Cachapoal Valley. Here we have an excellent Terroir and the vines are handled carefully in order to get the best out of the variety and the expression of the valley characterizing it. Profundo comes from a selection of the best areas of the estate in each variety; each one of them contributing with its own unique character, and each plant its own style that gives life to this grand wine.

The characters of the Private line exist, thanks to the unique climatic conditions, where the wind and the thermal oscillations between the day and the night imbue our wines with their delicate tannins and fine aromas that are an expression of its Terroir; with its loose clayey soil. The main characteristic of this wine is its freshness and excellent balance between alcohol and acidity.

Just as its name indicates, it was the first wine bottled by Viña Valle Secreto; its first edition, its first Secret. The perfect balance between fruit, barrel and acidity, its excellent structure makes First Edition an exclusive line and an unusual wine that will surprise and delight.


Discover our Wines and Awards

Icono, Profundo

Private, Blend

Private, Cabernet Franc

Private, Cabernet Sauvignon

First Edition, Syrah

First Edition, Carmenère

First Edition, Cabernet Sauvignon

First Edition, Late Harvest Viognier,

First Edition, Sauvignon Blanc


Valle Secreto Quality

This logo is found on our bottles and it refers to the quality certified by Valle Secreto as a reflection of the hard and meticulous work that goes into all of the processes at Valle Secreto, aimed at bringing to your table the best processes and components that combine to make the noble wines that we are providing for our customers.


It is not only the hard work done in the field and in the cellar, but it is also the selection each one of our suppliers makes in order to allow for a sustainable growth in the industry.


Our suppliers of bottles, corks, capsules, labels and cases now use recycled elements and lead-free inks which is the reason why they have been selected to work with us. Some of them have also been awarded accreditations of sustainability and we have the necessary certificates to vouch for their contribution toward the environment.


Our Markets

Present in more than 20 countries around the world




Viña Valle Secret located in an unknown valley, surrounded by a wonderful landscape; its vineyards, chapel built in 1830, gardens and corners that show elegance and austerity in perfect balance.
It is an ideal place for couples, open to companies, foreign visitors and customers who can recharge their energy in a natural environment.


For tours, private tours are available with prior reservation. They can also enjoy our wines with delicate tannins and fine aromas, in which their terroir is expressed, with clay loam soils and profile stones. Its freshness and excellent balance between alcohol and acidity are one of its main characteristics.


We are interested in your opinion

At Valle Secreto we look forward to receiving your opinion. What you think, what you are looking for and whether we can help you. So, please write to us and let’s get in touch.

· General Manager: Jaime Lagos



· Winemaker: Alejandra Vallejo


· Commercial: Jefry Pitronello


· Sales:  Yoanna Aedo


· Tours & Events, Andrea Lagos Vergara


· Administration: Angel Lampre


Where to find us?

Find us using Waze or Google Maps by looking up “Viña Valle Secreto"

Head Office of the Vineyard and Cellar.

Ruta H-711 camino a Los Maquis, Pelequén, Comuna de Malloa, Sexta Región, Chile.

Sales Offices.

Ruta 5 Sur, Km. 103, Comuna de Rengo, Chile.

Phone: 722552180


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